Drone Defense Training

Protect your Skies

Get the most effective Drone Defense Simulation System (DDSS) on the market.

The New Standard for Aerial Security Training

Training to quickly and accurately shoot down a drone is an invaluable skill in the event of a drone attack. With our Drone Defense Simulation System (DDSS), you can perfect this crucial defensive technique, ensuring immediate and decisive action when quick response times are critical.

A fully integrated drone defense simulation SYSTEM

Our Drone Defense Simulation System (DDSS) blends advanced precision laser technology with any commercially available drone to equip you with hands-on skills for controlling your airspace. Primarily intended for police, military and security forces, as well as private organizations. Our system offers you a practical and easy-to-use training tool to master the crucial task of immediate drone interception.

Laser-driven accuracy

With state-of-the-art technology

Our innovative and safe Class 1 laser technology simulates shots with remarkable accuracy and provides immediate feedback on hits, keeping you updated in real time. Point, shoot, and validate without requiring specialized training or technical know-how.

Compatible with every drone

Our system can be easily attached to any regular commercial drone with an easy to use universal mounting system.

Easy fit on every firearm

The laser unit is standard rail-mountable and allows you to interface with DDSS easily, precisely and quickly with up to 1000m / 3300ft of range.

Unmached precision

DDSS is designed for high precision. The combination of 2 different dome shapes for various drone sizes and a very precise laser beam that keeps his size at all shooting distances, makes our product unrivaled.

360° Shot Detection

Our DDSS works with either 180° or 360° detection, giving you full-spherical detection of shots. Just mount 2 sensor units on a drone and you are good to go.

Extendable with DDSS Software

Our optional command & control software elevates your drone defense training experience by tracking shots and other relevant metrics in an easy-to-use digital platform.


Designed for police, military and authorities, the FACT system offers dynamic and realistic shooting exercises, without requiring additional protective equipment.




Discover how DDNS can elevate your aerial defense capabilities. Reach out to our team for more information or to schedule a demo, or directly buy our products through our online store.